A Lush Party In Birmingham!*

There’s just something about how bright and colourful Lush’s packaging is!

Hey lovelies, I hope you are all enjoying the random bits of sunshine we have been getting in the UK (lucky you if you have been getting constant sunshine). I have a really exciting blog post for you today! I ATTENDED A LUSH PARTY!

You may be thinking what the hell is Ella on about right now? So let me explain for you. I was invited to the new flagship Lush store that recently opened in Birmingham. Now if you know about bath bombs and love them as much as I do, you’ll get why I was so excited.

Sadly, on the day of the Lush Party I had been unwell all day and I genuinely didn’t think I was going to make it. Thankfully I stopped throwing up a few hours before and I managed to peel myself out of bed! I really didn’t wanna miss out on this amazing opportunity so I just HAD to go. I’m super glad that I did as I got to catch up with some of my best blogging pals and also meet some new lovely bloggers


When we arrived we were introduced to the lovely Libby who was going to be a host for the evening. Firstly we did a little round of the group and we were all given the chance to introduce ourselves and say a lil bit about us (always a good mini icebreaker).

Then we spoke a little bit about the parties that LUSH offer. Until this lovely evening, I didn’t even know that LUSH offer parties! They really are super versatile. They can be adapted depending on the size of the group. There’s a number of different activities that they do at the parties so it can differ depending on the age groups etc. Our party activity was creating our own face mask which I will chat about in a moment… so cool!


I wish you could all smell how amazing this truly is!

Once Libby had given us a brief overview, we then went on to talk about the massage bars. The lovely girls gave us a run down on the ingredients and what each bar is good for. They smell unreal as well and literally melt at the touch! All of the Lush massage bars come package free which I think is amazing (you can buy a lovely little metal tin to store them in if you wish).

It was then time for ARM MASSAGES! Libby demonstrated with one of the bars and then we had the chance to practice on each other. This really was a lot of fun and a good laugh. It’s safe to say that me and Maddie tried our best. However, Chloe was REALLY getting into it and should definitely consider working in a spa with her skills.. Lush even stock the smartest product ever which is called Silky Underwear. This product is perfect if you want that matte silky feeling after the massage.


I loved this bit of the evening!

It was then time for FACE MASKS! We had the opportunity to make our own batch of one of Lush’s fresh face masks “Catastrophe Cosmetic“. This face mask is full of goodness including fresh blueberries – when I say fresh I really do mean FRESH! As well as Calamine Powder, Almond Oil, Rose Absolute and so many good natural products. We crushed the blueberries, added the other bits and bobs, then we all scooped our share into our pot and added the label on.

TADDAAA! My very own hand made Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask!

Catastrophe Cosmetic is great for calming and moisturising the skin while also helping with redness and oily skin. Although it is perfect for all skin types. A little fun fact for you is that the fresh face masks are made days before being shipped to store. This is to ensure that they are as fresh as possible for when they reach the store (they are even kept on ice in the store!). We were told for best results to use within 3 weeks and also store in the fridge.



The beauty with the Lush parties are that the guest of honour gets to take home three goodies from this amazing selection! Including the product that you would have made during the activity. The other guests also get one of the exclusive party products as well as the product they made. The products come in a really lovely sustainable bag wrap.

I mean come on, look how bright and colourful it is!

We were lucky enough to all be the guest of honour on this particular night. The products we received were Crash (shower jelly), Party Balloon Gold (reusable bubble bar) and I have saved the best one till last! CALM LLAMA PARTY PINATA (bath bomb), how flipping cute is he! We were all in bits when we saw how adorable the little bath bomb was.


There’s even a mini spa in the Birmingham store!

After all of the activities and we had received our gifts we had a tour of the store and we also had the opportunity to buy anything that took our fancy. It’s safe to say Jade went in on the bath bombs haha! I decided to pick up the Soft Coeur massage bar that we used earlier on. It’s literally me in a scent so I just couldn’t leave it. Plus it was only £5 so a bargain in my eyes!

Everyone needs to try a Lush party!

The cost of the party is priced at £25 per person. I think that’s a super reasonable price. Especially when you consider the items you walk away with, one of which you made YOURSELF! You can find out more about the Lush parties in your local store or here on the website.

I just want to say a massive thank you to Leah and Lush for having me at the party! It was such a lovely evening and considering I was a little bit poorly I throughly enjoyed myself. I have always loved Lush.. especially the bath bombs and everything that the company stand for so it was a great opportunity to find out more and see some of my best pals! So if you are in need of a party! Have a Lush party!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite product from Lush is! I have been really into my skincare lately as you’ll be able to see in my May favourites here. Unfortunately, there’s no June favourites due to some personal shiz going on. I hope you understand lovelies!



  1. July 24, 2019 / 9:38 pm

    This event looks amazing! So exciting that you got invited x

    • Ella
      July 26, 2019 / 10:19 pm

      OMG! Thank you! It really was a lovely event and it was so nice catching up with some friends while I was there! x

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