My top 4 highlighters that give me that glow – CURRENT FAVES

My top 4 highlighters that give me that glow – CURRENT FAVES

Hey everyone, I thought I’d share my current favourite highlighters with you that give me the glow that we all crave! 

I was thinking about what my favourite part of my make-up routine is when it comes to skin, of course it was when I get round to highlighter (I’m pretty sure that would be the same for most of us, am I right?). 

I have a few current favourites that I switch between (sometimes I use a bit of a few of them for that extra sparkle… but who doesn’t do that?!). Anyway let’s just jump straight in!

Urban Decay – Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder in Luminous) 

I absolutely love this highlighter! It is probably one of my favourite’s of all time, I have gone through so many of these highlighters it’s crazy. It is a really pretty product that gives you such a nice glow with a little bit of sparkle added in (the sparkle is my favourite bit).

  • You can get this highlighter for £24 (link in the first picture) which I really don’t think is a bad price for such a good quality product.
  • It applies really nicely, both on its own and on top of a liquid highlight (that really makes your skin pop). 
  • This product also comes with a little brush that is a nice size, however I use a little fluffy real technique brush.

Bobbi Brown – Afternoon Glow Limited Edition 

Now this highlighter I have nearly finished off which makes me so sad because it was limited edition. However I have found the highlighter from Bobbi Brown that is closest to this shade here.

I love this product because of the intense pigment that it gives off. It is a rosy copper shade that has warm undertones (which will suit the majority of skin tones).

  • It blends really easily and is a product you can build up.
  • Creates a metallic sheen almost which looks so pretty when hitting the light.
  • I paid about £32 for my highlighter I believe, the highlighter I have linked for you is £35.50 so it is a high-end highlighter but lasts you ages and is really good quality!

The Balm – Mary-Lou Manizer

Now this highlighter I have a love hate relationship with I tell you why, It’s because it is a very subtle highlighter that looks amazing if you are doing a more natural look (that’s the love part). However the highlighters that I am drawn towards the most are the ones with that extra sparkle (the hate part), which is why I love it but sometimes don’t like it haha.

  • This is only £16 from Debenhams (link in the first picture). You can get it from Superdrug also for a similar price. In my opinion I would consider this a drugstore highlighter and for £16 you can’t go wrong.
  • Can also be used as an eyeshadow! (it looks really pretty in the inner corner of the eye).
  • The balm do other highlighters as well but the Mary-Lou is the most popular highlighter with a more subtle pale honey like undertones to it.

Doll Beauty – Doll Light Highlight in Like A Diamond 

Now this little tiny highlight is one of my newer favourites. I got this as a sample in my Beauty Bay order not too long ago (the link in the picture is the full size product) and I was so pleased with it. I know that Doll Beauty is available on Beauty Bay, I am pretty sure that the eyelashes they have created are stocked in Topshop.

  • It blends like a dream and again you can build it up.
  • It is a pale pink shade that gives off a really nice iridescent shine to it (one other shade available from Doll Beauty).
  • This highlighter is only £15!! That is soooo good! It really is worth the money.

Another one of my current favourite highlighters is the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector but you can read more about my thoughts on that product here

That’s all for my current favourite highlighters, I hope you enjoyed it! If you did want to check them out the links are in the pictures so you can have a look.

Thank you for reading! 


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