Damaged/Dry Hair Problems! – What I Use

Damaged/Dry Hair Problems! – What I Use

Today I thought I would share my hair care routine with you. I thought this would make sense for me to show you how I try and keep my hair feeling healthy and hydrated! Especially considering my hair transformation that you can go and read here. It’s been about 2 months now since I went the transformation was complete. I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone! 

Herbal Essences – Bio Renew 

This little bottle of shampoo smells unreal! That is of course the first thing I would mention. That’s the most important thing though right? It really does smell like minty strawberries haha! I love this new range that Herbal Essences released not too long ago. The Bio-Renew range is amazing. They have a number of products in this range all targeting different things. This one is from the “clean” range. I have tried a lot of them but this has to be my favourite so far, along with the hydrate shampoo (that smells great as well).

Superdrug Hair Therapy Oil With Macadamia 

You may be wondering why I haven’t shown a conditioner yet! However at the moment I am staying away from them just because my hair gets greasy so quickly and I feel like conditioner makes it worse.

This oil is what I use after I get out the shower. It’s for damaged hair which is perfect for me after going blonde. I find my hair gets really dry and tangled so this helps so much! I happened to grab these at Superdrug when they were super cheap. I have found a similar one on the website that is suited for all hair types that you can check out here

Shea Moisture – Strengthen & Restore Treatment Masque

Finally this product is one that helps so much but I can’t use it often so I tend to use it once a week. It’s a hair mask with a whole load of goodness. It’s for all hair types. What I will say though is that for me it is very heavy on my hair. So I will use it on a night and wash it out in the morning (remember to put a towel on your pillow haha). It makes my hair feel amazing afterwards! However if I use this too much my hair will get way greasier than it should. I tend to stick to once a week! 

Overall these three products are working really well for me. Of course I use other things during the week such as my purple shampoo etc. There’s a lot & I avoid using heat on my hair, even the hairdryer I stay clear of unless I have to use it. I am enjoying being blonde for the moment however I don’t love the upkeep of it all! I am considering going back brunette in the Autumn if I am honest. Although considering the time it took to get blonde I’m not sure haha. 

Let me know what your favourite hair care products are at the moment down below! Also what do you use if you have damaged/dry hair? I would love to try some other products! 


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