FIRST BLOGGER EVENT – Viking Photography Masterclass!

So a few weeks ago I attended my first blogger event ever! I still remember having the email come through and I was like WHAT?!? Honestly, I was so excited about receiving the invite.

The event was being held at Dirty Martini in Birmingham which is a really ascetically pleasing cocktail bar haha… a dream for a “blogger” (I hate using that word!). It was a photography masterclass put on by Viking and hosted by photographer Elouisa Georgiou. You can check out her instagram here. She has taken some really beautiful pictures. 

What we got up to…

So when we first arrived we were welcomed by some of the team and given a delicious cocktail, I believe it was called a belini! It was so yummy and such a nice little treat for when we arrived. The room was set up so Christmassy. They had a lovely little tree with beautiful lights. Three tables set up with the most put together table display I have ever seen. It was gorgeous. It was all white and gold with sparkly little gems on the table. 

We had a little bit of an introduction from Elouisa, she explained how the evening would go and the activities we were doing. The idea behind the activities was that at the end we would pick our favourite picture and get it printed out using the Canon Pixma TS5050 colour inkjet all-in-one printer (you can check it out here). The really exciting thing was that Elouisa was going to pick her favourite picture and whoever won would win one of these printers! How unreal is that?! 

The first activity was using LED light sticks. I absolutely LOVED them! Like seriously, I need one in my life! Especially for makeup pictures. We had to use the LED lights to capture pictures of the table. We also had pieces of coloured film that we could use to wrap around the light to create a different effect. As well as having foam boards to use as reflectors. This was probably my favourite activity, I had so much fun using the LED sticks. 

The second activity was using prisms to create reflection/diffraction and interesting blurs and patterns. I found this activity slightly harder as throughout all of this I was using my iPhone XS Max to take the photos as I don’t use a camera for my photos. I still managed to get some pretty cool shots though but I didn’t pick one of these as my final photo to print. 

Unfortunately I didn’t win the printer but I was fairly happy with my photo and how it turned out. After we finished the activities we got to enjoy some more delicious cocktails and some tasty food. We had tiny little spicy burgers which were so nice and a mixture of chicken and some other nibbles! Obviously my favourite thing was the cocktails haha… no surprises there though I guess! 


Overall the evening was brilliant, I had so much fun and met some really lovely, friendly people! It was so nice to meet people who are doing the same thing as me in some way. A few of us are planning to meet up again soon and go for some cheeky cocktails. I want to say a massive thank you to Viking and Jenni and the team for the invite and the lovely tripod that will make my blogging life 10x easier! I had the best time and can’t wait to see the girls again. 


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