Glossy Box Unboxing – October!

I feel like I have been so rubbish when it comes to trying new products lately. Especially when it means ordering them rather than picking things up in Boots/Superdrug. So with that being said I decided to sign up to Glossy Box. I thought it would be a great way for me to try some new products that I wouldn’t necessarily go out and buy.

After what felt like a longer wait then it should have been my first Glossy Box finally arrived. However, I was expecting to get the October edition which was the Trick or Treat box. If I’m honest I was pretty excited about this but they sold out before sending mine which was pretty sad. I ended up receiving the March box I believe. I thought I would share these with you anyway as I am excited about trying a few of them.

One of the first products that caught my eye was this little cute pink tube. It’s the Figs & Rouge – Soft Focus Pore Perfect HD+. At first, I thought this was a primer but it’s not (I would still use this before applying my makeup). This product is actually a weightless, matte serum that is designed to minimise the appearance of pores. I received the full-size product in my box and it retails at £35 for 30ml. Fingers crossed it does what it’s supposed to do and makes my pores vanish!

I received this beautiful nude lipstick from Oryza Beauty. It’s from their Velvet Ribbon range and is in the shade Arwa. It’s weightless and semi-matte with a satin finish which I love. I have always been a big fan of matte lipsticks. I just HATE when they dry my lips out. So as this is semi-matte I am hoping it won’t be as drying as a matte lipstick would be. It’s the stand lipstick size and it retails at £15.95. In some ways I think this is a little pricey. Only because I am pretty sure that a Mac lipstick are cheaper than this. Who knows? This lipstick could be my new fave!

This product I’m not overly excited about. Only because I have always been on the fence with how well they actually work. It’s the Makeup Drop – Silicone Sponge that retails at £15.62. I think the idea behind them is great in terms of the sponge being more hygienic. The only thing that i’m not sure about with this product is how good my base will go on using a silicone sponge. I will give it a try though and let you know how I get on because I know lots of people that love these sponges.

Now this mask I was very excited about. It’s the MudMasky – Sleep Repair Renewal Nourishing Mask all the way from Amsterdam. This is a premium product that retails at £61.52 for a 60ml bottle. This little one is just a sample 20ml. However, this product uses only fresh, raw and all-natural ingredients. It hydrates, soothes and smooths your skin. It smells like rose water and helps towards a more restful sleep after a long day. Only a thin layer needs to be applied to a clean face and then left on overnight. I am super excited to try this especially with it being an overnight mask!

Lastly, I received the Dr Botanicals –Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil. This oil smells amazing! It has a kind ofsweet scent which I love. It is a light weight oil that is infused withvitamins and oils for brighter and more even skin tone. You only need 2-3 dropsthat then are to be used on a cleansed face. It contains anti-oxidant propertiesthat prevent skin damage. I was sent a 15ml bottle which I believe is a samplesize, it’s £39 for a 30ml bottle.

My overall thoughts on my first Glossy Box are pretty good. I like the mix of products and I think it’s pretty versatile. I can’t lie I am pretty gutted that I didn’t get the Halloween edition. However, I am excited to find out what’s in next month’s box. I think I will do a monthly post and unbox my Glossy Box, so I can share all the makeup and skincare bits I receive each month with you all. I love these kind of subscriptions and for £10 + £3.25 delivery I really don’t think you can go wrong! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did! I’ll be back next month with another unboxing.


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