Long time no speak guys! I hope everyone is well?! I am sorry I have been so M.I.A lately, but I have been extremely busy with some really exciting stuff. It’s probably best if I give you a little update on what’s been going on these last few weeks.

As you can probably tell from the title of this post – I MOVED OUT! Yes you read it correctly I have spread my wings and fled the nest lol!

This has been a long time coming if I’m honest and I had been looking at different places since before Christmas. However a few things came up and it just wasn’t possible at the time. However now that time is finally here. By the time you will read this I will have been in my new place for a few days & I couldn’t even begin to explain how excited I am.

As I am sure a lot of you may know I lived in Wolverhampton in a village called Wombourne. I had lived here all my life! I always knew that I didn’t want to live in the village when I was older. However I decided to move to Birmingham. This made total sense because of work, social life and having Elliott living 10 minutes down the road (a huge bonus compared to him living an hour away like before haha).

Stressed was a slight understatement for how I was feeling with the run up to move in day. Countless lists and shopping trips and packing while being at work was fairly overwhelming. However we got there in the end with only one hiccup with the removal men.

I keep saying it but it still doesn’t feel real, I still can’t believe I have moved out into my own place! I am so happy and excited to have started this journey and to see how it shapes me more as a person. This wasn’t just something I wanted to do, it needed to happen & I knew it was time.

There’s still so much I want to do in my little place that’s now home but for now it’s perfect!

Anyway all I can say is now that I am in my own space the posts are going to be better than ever. I am excited to get back into blogging properly after the little break I’ve had. So get ready for lots of posts and lots of pretty content!

I hope you are as excited as I am to see what the future holds! It feels so good to be back on my blog. I will speak to you all soon!


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