Let’s Talk Empties – Would I Use Them Again…

Does anyone else seem to get really sensitive about throwing out products that are genuinely empty? LOL I DO.. what is that all about?! I had a little clear out earlier this week and I found loads of empty bottles and I sat there for a minute or two and questioned whether I would actually buy them again. I feel like I buy so many different things but when it comes down to it how many do I actually re-purchase? Turns out not that many…

Now this little sample size product I received in one of my Glossy Boxes. As you can imagine it didn’t take me long to use it up. I must say I did really like it, I genuinely feel like it did do my skin a lot of good. It’s £17.50 for a full size 30ml bottle from Boots. Would I buy it again? I’m not sure… Purely because I like my skincare to be affordable… you know bills and all that jazz. I would usually avoid paying this price for a cream like this. So I would say no. I probably wouldn’t buy it – purely based on the price but I did love this cream!

Now this little baby I would repurchase! I love this primer so much. Although it is a tad expensive and for sure gives me a little sad feeling when inputting my pin at the counter at Debenhams lol. This primer is one of my favourite products ever! I’ve definetly had a fair few bottles of this. It’s £27 for a 38g bottle. I mean it did last me a decent amount of time so for the quality and the quantity I would say it’s worth it!

MY GOSH I LOVED THIS! I am honestly so sad that I have ran out of the Dr Botanicals Facial Oil. This again was a product I received in my October Glossy Box. However, the only problem I have is again the price. It’s simply not affordable… my god it’s £39! If you have the money 100% it’s worth it and if I had this kind of spare cash I would do the same! If I’m honest I would go as far to say that this facial oil is probably one of the best ones I’ve tried.

This packaging is so cute and so me! I really wish I was coming to say that I would repurchase this one but unfortunately I wouldn’t. It’s not because I dislike the product it’s down to how much I love the Too Faced primer. Although this Figs & Rouge matte veil is a lovely product. I personally just prefer the Too Faced primer. This one would set me back £35 so again it is pretty pricey.

Dr Lipp… oh my! I wanna call it a lip balm (which is what I used it for) but it’s a nipple balm. Now I’m pretty sure it would work amazingly anywhere but personally I used it as a lip balm! I was so sad when I ran out and I have actually gone to repurchase this numerous times. This is only a little sample size but the full size is 15ml and it’s only £12. Is it just me or is that pretty good?! You can buy it in different sizes here so in some cases you can get it cheaper. However, YES YES YES I would buy it again.

Overall I don’t think that’s too bad going. I mean 3/5 products I would buy again?! That’s pretty good don’t you think? Personally I just love trying new things so that’s one of the reasons I love the Glossy Box subscription so much because it gives me the option to do so. Head over to my instagram and DM me or tweet me and let me know if you have tried any of these products! What did you think of them if so? Or if not let me know if there’s any products that you find yourself repurchasing a lot? I would love to know!


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