I have been looking for a new shampoo and conditioner for a while now. After hearing a lot about this little duo I thought it was only right for me to test them out for myself. I have seen a lot of people on YouTube raving about it so I was definitely interested in seeing what the fuss was all about.

Firstly the price was an absolute steal! I picked up the Shampoo and the Conditioner both from Superdrug each on sale for only £2.45 rather than £4.99 for 400ml. How good of a deal is that!

They are also available from Boots and on the L’Oreal website!

As I’m sure most of you are aware the longer your hair is the more damage it tends to endure. This range that L’Oreal have created is aimed at restoring the hair and bringing it back to life. It’s full of all sorts of Vitamins as well as Keratin and Castor Oil.

While my hair isn’t significantly long I do tend to notice that my ends seem to look, how can I put this? Ratty (lol does anyone know what I mean?). Anyway it basically makes me feel like I need a haircut because of how many split/dead ends I seem to have. This is where this duo comes in. They cleanse and help reinforce the hair and protect it from breakage. While also making sure that any split ends appear less visible.

I have been using both products now for over a week and I really do feel like it has improved the appearance of my hair. It feels a lot healthier. Also I think it’s because how creamy the formula is but it makes my hair feel so soft! The conditioner in particular is said to reduce breakage when brushing by up to 50%. I would say I agree, it makes it a lot easier to brush my hair after using these. Especially when my hair can get pretty tangled (story of my life lol).

Overall I really love them both and they work great together! Ps – they smell so good which is an added bonus again. I would 100% suggest you try these especially if you have long hair. I will leave the link down below also so you can pick them up while they are on such a great offer.

What are some of your favourite hair care products? Let me know so I can give them a try! As always thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to browse my blog. I hope you enjoyed it!




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