Make-up Revolution Full Coverage Foundation – Only £5!?

Make-up Revolution Full Coverage Foundation – Only £5!?
We all love a good bargain don’t we? Especially if the quality of the product is as good as a high-end foundation that you would pay £30+ for.

Again Make-up Revolution have killed the game with this foundation stick. Just like the concealers they have released 18 shades of this foundation. Again this is amazing, like I said in my previous post other brands could really do with taking a leaf out of Make-up Revolutions book. 

These foundations are so creamy and super easy to blend. These stick foundations are full coverage. However as I am used to my holy grail “Kat Von D – Lock It” it isn’t as full coverage as my fave. This does not mean that it’s not full coverage, it’s more me being set in my ways if I’m honest (lol).

The longevity of this foundation isn’t too bad in my opinion. Although it could be a little better. I found after about 5-6 hours the foundation had started to crease slightly. This is nothing that a blend and some powder wouldn’t fix mind.

This is a dewy finish foundation so if you were looking to create more of a matte look you’ll need to apply powder. It does melt into the skin really nicely which makes it easy enough to apply even for beginners. I have the shade F3. I think I could have done with getting F5 or F6 because this is very light for me (especially when I don’t have my tan on haha). Although with 18 shades to pick from there will be a shade to suit every skin tone.

For only £5 none of us can really complain! Even if you decide to use this to highlight or contour different parts of your face it is still worth it. I would highly recommend this product. Who am I kidding? I would recommend the majority of Make-up Revolution’s products! I haven’t tried many foundation sticks, are there any others I should try maybe? What are your favourite foundation sticks? Let me know in the comments.

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