Make Up Revolution Strobe Highlighter – Hit or Miss?!

The trend of strobe highlighters!

 I can’t say I have a huge love for them if I’m honest. I’m way too into glitter and anything super sparkly (lol typical girl I think). I like the idea of using strobe highlighters or creams but I always end up going back in with one of my glittery products. I’m not sure if it’s because previously when I have tried them I didn’t use them correctly but I never really tend to reach for them.

However, I thought I would give them another try to see if I can master the art of strobing!

I popped into Superdrug last week and obviously I couldn’t pick just one product. Although in my defence it is 3 for 2 mix and match on the make up. So really I had to pick 3 things (that’s how I’m going to justify it anyway). Of course I headed over to my favourite brand Make up Revolution! I picked up three of the strobe highlighters in different shades so I could give them a good test. I believe they do 5 or 6 strobe highlighters now which is a big selection to pick from.

Anyway, I picked a bronze toned shade, a baby pink and a unicorn pastel purple is how I would describe it haha. I paid £6 in total for 3 of them as they are £3 each, plus one free which is an absolute STEAL!

My issue with strobe highlighters is that I never feel like they are pigmented enough for my liking. I tested all 3 of these out and I must say the bronze toned highlighter is very pigmented. Although it’s not the ideal shade for my skin tone. I can’t use it as a bronzer because it’s a lot deeper than I would need. However this would really compliment darker skin tones.

I really like the pastel purple highlighter and this is pretty pigmented as well. It was only the baby pink one that I felt didn’t give off much colour. I like the purple one more especially just to pop in the corner of my eye depending on the eyeshadow I use.

Overall though I do like them but I definitely prefer highlighters that are glittery, glowing and all things sparkly! If you are looking for something more natural these would be perfect for you! They are easy to apply, pigmented and do give off a nice glow.

If you were interested in checking out any of Makeup Revolutions products feel free to take a look here.

Let me know in the comments or on any of my socials what you prefer! The strobing craze or Highlighter trend?! I would love to know if it’s just me that finds it difficult to refrain from adding a glittery highlighter after trying to do a natural glow (lol).

& as always thank you for reading, I’ll be back soon!


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