Monthly Round Up – May 2019

Now this post is going up a little later than expected but I have been SOO busy. If you read my last post about mine and Elliott’s trip to Hoar Cross Hall, you’ll know the last few weeks have been a bit manic.


Life has been a bit crazy throughout May if I’m honest! I have had so much going on at work which is all very boring so we will leave that bit out haha. While I was busy at work I also had a lovely trip as I mentioned just to Hoar Cross Hall for mine and Elliott’s anniversary which was very much needed.

Me and Chloe were also invited to an event at Flint + Flint. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a beauty clinic based in Birmingham. They offer all kinds of treatments and procedures. It’s a very well respected chain of clinics in the beauty world! We were invited to the press evening to show the new Juverderm filler which has recently been launched (they are one of the first clinics to stock this). We had a demonstration which was a really bizarre experience but also so interesting watching someone have a procedure done.

The lovely people at Flint + Flint talked through the things to look out for when deciding where to have treatments/procedures done. This was really interesting as I have wanted to get lip fillers for the longest time! The craziest thing happened as well! We had chance to enter a raffle to win a £100 gift voucher and Chloe only went and won the voucher! What are the odds of that… I was so excited for her when she told me! We were kindly gifted a goodie bag with some samples in and to our surprise a voucher for a free facial. I will report back once I have booked that so thank you Flint + Flint for the eyeopening event!


In terms of beauty I have a few bits to share with you that I’ve loved throughout May. The first one being an eye gel from a brand called Ocean D’Argán. I was kindly gifted this eye gel and I’d been testing it throughout May, I ended up pleasantly surprised. It’s aim is too soothe, hydrate and also reduce the appearance of fine lines/ wrinkles and it also has anti-ageing properties. I was in need of a new eye cream so this was perfect. It has hydrated and soothed my eyes while also reducing the appearance of dark circles. So overall it’s a winner, winner chicken dinner!

Now this is beauty related but leaning more on the skincare side of life haha. This product BAFFLES me, I just don’t understand how it works! So I recently popped into HEMA and found these makeup removing cloths. All you have to do is add water and it removes all your makeup, including any waterproof makeup! HOW?! I just don’t understand it but they’re a game changer. So much so that I went back and purchased another pack!


There’s not many bits and bobs that I have been loving throughout May if I’m honest. One thing that I have been loving though is my Kindle! During my spa trip with Elliott I finished my first book on there which was Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine. I LOVED THIS BOOK! It was amazing and I totally get why it’s had so many great reviews.

The book is about a lady who has had a pretty rough upbringing. She goes through life in her own little way which some would say is a little “quirky”. A lot of people don’t get her at all. As the book goes on she finds out so much about her past and also ends up with a really close friend that she meets at work! I won’t reveal anymore but please do give it a read if you have a chance! You won’t regret it!


A show that I need to rave about in May’s monthly round up is Homeland. Me and Elliott started watching this after we finished watching Bodyguard. We are only on season 2 and I think there’s 7 seasons. So far it’s really good, I loved the first season! Again, it’s along the lines of crime, terrorists, CIA etc. It’s well worth the watch as it’s full of so many unexpected twists! I’m not sure what’s going to happen considering it’s 7 seasons long and a lot happened in the first season so that will be interesting to see – I’ll keep you posted!


I’ve not been great at the whole Instagram thing as you’ll probably have noticed if you follow me. This is for a few reasons, 1) I need to take some flatlays ASAP lol, 2) I was taking a little break while at the spa etc and 3) I’ve simply not felt very inspired! We all know that Instagram loves to make things a little difficult for us at times with the whole Allgorithm thing which is a bit annoying (Instagram if you reading… pretty pls stop doing this)

However, with that being said! One beautiful lady that I have been loving over on Instagram is Penny. When I tell you her feed is full of smiles and positivity I’m not joking! Not only is her hair unreal (I’m so jealous of how long and healthy it is) but she also has the CUTEST fur baby ever! His name is Stanley and he melts my heart every time I see him pop up on my feed. Make sure you go and check out both her Instagram and her blog if you need any hair tips or just want to see her really cute doggo!

That’s all for the May monthly round up post! As I said it was a pretty busy month for me so not massive amounts to report on but it was still a good month! Stay tuned for the June monthly round up post which I’m sure will be here before we know it.


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