Hey guys, I thought I would share with you my thoughts and feelings on the popular Morphe palette. That took the beauty world by storm after the Jaclyn Hill Palette.


Now I know what you are all probably thinking “Ella this palette has been out for ages”. Well I got my hands on it at Christmas so I have had it a few months. In my opinion that may seem like ages ago but I can honestly say I have been able to try out pretty much every colour in this palette apart from maybe 2-3. Therefore I know I can give a review that applies for all the shades within the palette.

That being said… let’s get started on the reason you clicked on this post haha!

I absolutely LOVE this palette, I have a few other Morphe palettes but this has got to be my favourite by far. A little bit of information before I tell you my thoughts; 

  • You get 39 shades! That really is a hell of a lot of eyeshadow!
  • 7 of these shades are bigger than the rest and these are the “transition shades”.
  • 14 of the shades are shimmer/foiled shadows and the other 18 are matte shadows.
  • I believe this palette retailed at £32 (currently not available to buy from beauty bay)

Right so as I said before I love this palette. It has such a diverse range of colours so you really can do any look you desire. I have highlighted a few of my favourite colours in the palette which I have become some of the shadows I use on a daily basis.

  • Cut Crease – This is one of my favourite colours in the palette, as the name states it’s the perfect colour for a cut crease. It is also great for darkening the crease up.
  • Canvas – This colour for me is my perfect transition colour. It isn’t too orange or too brown. It literally is just in the middle.
  • Dare me – I love that name! This is one of the foiled shadows, such a pretty deep blue colour. This suits my eye colour so if I want to add a pop of colour to my eyes, I would reach for a colour like this to give the look something different.

  • Snatched – WOW is what I have to say about this one! This colour is one of the brightest in the palette and is a foiled shadow. This colour looks so pretty, if you do a halo eye and pop this in the middle. Top tip – wet your brush before going into this shadow to really make it bang!
  • Evolve – Another one of the transition shades. I tend to use this after I have used Canvas to darken the transition. It is more of a deeper orange/brown (it looks really pretty on its own if going for a really natural look).
  •  Inspire – I love this name as well.. I love most of the names tbh haha but especially this one! I don’t use this colour as much as some of my other favourite’s, but when I do I wonder why I don’t. typical from me. This is a really pretty khaki green shimmer shade. It can look amazing if you blend it all over your lid alongside some deep browns.
  • So Glam – I feel like this name represents what my make-up always is “So Glam”, even when I try to do a more natural look. Does anyone else just get carried away with glitter and shadows like I do? I love this shade! I tend to pop this in my crease if I’m doing a more natural eye. Or all over the lid for a more intense look.

Overall this is one of if not my favourite palette to use at the moment! They are super pigmented and a dream to blend out (everything we want in a palette right?).

Morphe did an amazing job on this palette. I know so many other people love this palette as well so I feel confident when I say it was 100% worth it!

Thank you for reading everyone & until next time I’ll leave it here!


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