My Everyday Jewellery!

It’s only recently I have got more into jewellery.

I have always had so much of it but I was terrible putting it on in a morning or changing it up and wearing different pieces. I take my hat off for anyone that does change their jewellery on a regular basis.

As I said I have got into it a lot more recently. I have a set selection of a few bits that I do wear everyday now, apart from the earrings that sometimes change. Therefore I thought I would show you these few bits incase you are looking for a piece of jewellery you can wear daily that goes with literally ANYTHING.

Usually I have my watch on but sometimes I’ll take it off half way through the day. I don’t know why I do this. It was a present for Christmas last year. I love it simply because it’s rose gold (I absolutely love rose gold, if you didn’t already know). It was on ASOS but it it’s an Olivia Burton watch which are relatively inexpensive. This cost £98 which is really good.

Now for the Jewellery! 

I’m going to have to start with my necklaces. These two necklaces are the most sentimental pieces I own. They are literally my fave! I again had them for Christmas last year of Elliott. Both of them are from Tiffany & Co. The Return to Tiffany heart tag necklace was the one I knew about. This is so special to me as it’s also engraved on the back making it more personal (so cute I know). The cost of this first one is £120 (£140 when adding engraving). The Tiffany Infinity necklace I didn’t know about. I was so shocked when I opened it! I love this one just as much because it matches my tattoo. The price for this necklace is £130. Elliott did really well with both of these I must say. I literally don’t take them off. 

Now I do usually wear three rings but I have stopped wearing the Delicate Bow Ring – £45 because it kept getting caught on things. However the three were all from Pandora. It was 3 for 2 and I had a mad moment on my break at work and went and got them (yes on my break!). Both of these rings I wear stacked on top of each other. I find that the Shimmering Wish Ring – £35 (the ring on the right) is slightly too big when it’s not stacked. However the Droplets Ring – £45 fits perfectly. 

My bracelet is again from Pandora. & yes another mad break time purchase! I need to stop those asap. This Pink Sparkling String Bracelet – £50 I got purely because of how pretty it looks when it catches the light. I was originally going to get the silver one. Although I changed my mind and went for the pretty baby pink one. 

My earrings are pretty average if I’m honest. I’m sure they were from a multi-pack I probably picked up from Primark. They are also rose gold like my watch. They have little crystals on them so they are pretty sparkly as well. I don’t mind mixing rose gold with silver or whatever. However I think it’s more accepted now than it used to be a few years ago. A few years ago I wouldn’t dare wear a silver necklace with gold earrings or whatever. However wearing different tones is really in at the minute.

I know this is a different kind of post compared to usual. However I wanted to share my favourite bits of jewellery with you all. I hope you enjoyed it and maybe came across a few bits you like. Until next time!


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