My Favourite Ways To Stay Organised!

When I think about it I have never really struggled with getting organised. However now that I have this lovely little place to stay on top of, I needed to up my game. Now that I have started my new job (which I’m loving btw), trying my best to post 3 times a week on here, while also having a life. It can be pretty difficult to do. I thought I would share some of the ways that work for me when it comes to staying organised. They won’t necessarily work for everyone but if your someone who likes using colour and stationary then these will probably work for you.

  • Get yourself a diary, I know most of us will go out and pick a pretty diary at the start of the year but how many people actually then use it longer than the first month or so. I remember I found so many diary’s that I liked I had like 3/4 and I used to write the same thing in all of them (lol how silly is that). This is probably one of the easiest ways to keep track of what you’re doing and when. I use mine to keep track of work, blog posts, gym (when I actually go) and seeing friends. Of course it is colour coordinated but I use highlighters because I couldn’t carry like 5 different coloured pens everyday.
  • I have soooo many notebooks, it’s actually somewhat sickening how many I do actually have. I just find them so handy to have because I prefer to write things down on paper rather than using notes on my phone. That notebook in the picture is the notebook I use to jot down all my ideas for blog posts, plans and information for particular posts. Basically it is my notebook for anything in regards to my blog. If I can I will carry this around with me because I am always having random ideas and I like to note them down before I forget.
  • As like any other stationary obsessed human, I LOVE PENS! I am so particular with pens as well. However I love using colour to stay organised (it also makes everything look so pretty and visually pleasing haha). I love using the sharpie pens in my blog notebook so I can really put my ideas onto paper.
  • Taking an hour or so before the start of a new week or at least on Monday just to look over where I’ll be during the week and what needs to be done or changed etc. It also helps when reminding me of something I’ve possibly forgotten about.

There are so many other ways that you can stay organised that don’t need to be based on what you have planned for the week. Here is a quick list of some other ways that you can stay organised and make your life so much easier.

    • Do a quick tidy up before bed. TRUST ME you’ll be glad you did it in the morning.
    • Organise your wardrobe, saves you running round in a morning looking for that top you want to wear.
    • Get yourself a planner or calendar for your wall.
    • Make sure your workspace is tidy and not cluttered.
    • If you are a blogger, try making sure you have a set space to take pictures (like flatlays) that is always tidy.
    • Sounds so simple but put everything in a place, then make sure it goes back in that place (you won’t misplace things that way).
    • Morning checklists – these are so useful when making sure you have everything before leaving.
    • Keep your important documents in one folder (of course organise them in the folder as well).
  • Rotate seasonal clothes, I don’t do this as much but I used to. It also left me with more space in my wardrobe.

There is so much you can do to stay organised, most of which will make your life so much easier and soon just become a habit. Like I said some ways will work better for others but everyone has their own little way of keeping track of things. I hope you enjoyed this post and it maybe gave you some new ideas to try. Feel free to let me know in the comments what you do to stay organised! I would love to find out if there are some new things I could try. As always thanks again for stopping by!


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