I have been dying my hair for a very long time. I think I was probably about 14 when I first dyed my hair. My natural hair colour is very mousey light brown. I can still picture it now, I decided to dye my hair a mahogany colour. Of course as I had never dyed my hair before it came out very bright (not what I had planned but hey-ho) 

Over the years I have had lots of different hair colours. Nothing super drastic but I have a got the box dyes down to a tee now. I have been black (BIG mistake!), brownish purple, brownish red and so many other colours. 

So you may ask what I was trying to achieve with my hair when beginning this journey? Well I wanted a blonde balayage with a dark brown root drag. Never had I ever had my hair coloured in a salon up until I started this mission! I have had always used box dyes and LOTS of them. 

I went on a massive hunt for the right salon and after looking at lots of Instagram pages I decided that House Of Dolls in Birmingham was the right place to go. After getting in touch with Carla, (the owner/hairdresser) I arranged my appointment! I was honestly so excited. This was back in October/November time if I remember rightly. 

This was the colour of my hair when I went for my first appointment. As you can see it is a fairly dark brown. I hadn’t dyed it for a while but there was a lot of colour build up on my hair from how much I had dyed it in the past. 

As you can see my hair lifted a fair bit! Carla explained to me that it would take a few sittings to get it as light as I wanted (due to the colour build up). During my first sitting we started the lightning process while also using olaplex mixed in with the bleach to help minimise the damage caused to my hair as it helps re-bond the hair. We also did a chocolate-brown root drag to achieve the rich brown. 

My second appointment! This time around we didn’t touch the roots and instead we just focused on lifting the ends even more. We managed to lift it again which was great. Due to how many red tones I had previously put onto my hair, the brassy tones took a little longer to shift! 

Almost their guys! On my third sitting I really noticed the blonde and it was definitely less brassy. We also decided to take the blonde round my face more and a little higher up which I absolutely loved! Again, we used olaplex to help keep my hair in good condition. 

Now for the moment you have all been waiting for! 


Taaadaaa! When I tell you guys that this was not the plan! It really was not the plan haha. Between my third and fourth appointment there was about 7 months between them. Crazy I know! I had so much going on that I just couldn’t get over to the salon.

When I did manage to book an appointment my plan was to take the blonde lighter again and more round my face like before. I was also considering having the chocolate-brown root drag re-done. So please tell me how I ended up blonde! BLONDE?! Me and Carla were discussing what I wanted to do, I explained how I wanted more blonde and for it to be more towards the roots. Carla then went on to suggest that we just go for it and lift it lighter and from the roots instead. I thought you know what, WHY NOT GO FOR IT! 

So we did! Carla turned me into a Blondie! I never EVER thought I would ever be blonde if I’m honest. It’s took some getting used to but I honestly love it! I just love how light it is! Honestly I am so happy with how it turned out and how much it lifted the fourth time around. 

I just love it so much. 

House Of Dolls is an amazing salon! Carla is such a talented hairdresser. She knew exactly what would and wouldn’t work with my hair. While also keeping my hair in the best condition possible. Considering this is my first time ever having someone colour my hair I am so pleased with how it all turned out & I am very lucky to have found such a great hairdresser! 

If you are looking for a someone who knows EXACTLY what they are doing when it comes to colour and who specialises in extensions I would 100% recommend checking out the House Of Dolls! 

Definitely head over and check out Carla’s work on her Instagram page here or check out her Facebook page here.


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