Natural FULL Coverage Foundation!?!?

Oh the ongoing challenge I feel like I’ve spent years trying to master. Finding a Full coverage foundation that isn’t super cakey. 

However I think I have cracked it! I have many different foundations that I love. Yes they are all full coverage, I’m not a light coverage kinda gyal you see. My best friend recently got me a new foundation for my Birthday. I have had this one before but I was so used to my previous foundation that I couldn’t get used to it. 

Too Faced – Born This Way Foundation!

This foundation is pretty well-loved by people of the beauty world & I can see why. Like I said I have had a bottle of this before. I did like it back then as well but not as much as I do this time around. This was mainly due to my skin not being in a great place back then. 

I found that how much I like this foundation does depend on how my skin is. This is because it is a medium-full coverage foundation. It’s definitely buildable but it has a very natural feel. It really isn’t too heavy on the face and isn’t cakey at all which is great. 

Anyway my skin is in a better way nowadays so I was very excited to give this foundation another go. It’s an oil free (big, big, BIG plus) foundation. It’s undetectable in terms of coverage as you should be able to see your skin through it (as weird as it sounds) making it more natural but still full. I wear shade “Vanilla” which suits me perfectly when I don’t have my tan on haha. 

This foundation has a lot of other great things about it. It contains coconut water which helps replenish the skin without over hydrating. The foundation is infused with Alpine Rose which helps brighten the skin and also promote elasticity which is always good right? Finally it contains Hyaluronic Acid which helps provide long-lasting, skin-balancing hydration creating a smoother, more youthful appearance.

This foundation was inspired by giving you a feeling of “I woke up like this” when you wear it.

With its natural coverage but still being super buildable it really is a winner. I would advise anyone looking for a foundation that you can build up will not feeling heavy on the skin to give this one a go! Believe me when I say I have tried A LOT of foundations and this is one of my favourites for sure. 

If you wanted to test it out for yourselves you can grab this foundation from Cult Beauty here.

I promise guys the posts are coming back slowly but surely. I have just had a slight case of writers block! So annoying, but hey ho. It will all come back to me soon! 

Thank you for reading and I will be back with another post soon. 


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