Netflix Shows You NEED To Watch!

Now I don’t know about you guys but I have a huge love hate relationship with Netflix. Some of the stuff is so good and I will give it to them! They have created some amazing shows! It just makes me so sad that the American Netflix has SOOO much more. However there is nothing I love more than being wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa & binge watching a good series. I thought I would help you guys out and give you a list of my favourite series on Netflix!

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 1. Orange Is The New Black

I remember when I watched the first episode of this show. I was a little unsure about it. However I was so wrong! This is by far one of my all time favourite Netflix shows! It’s so entertaining and in some places pretty funny. I don’t think Netflix were aware of how much this show was going to blow up so I was pretty gutted when they started releasing the episodes weekly. It’s about a whole load of antics in a women’s prison. The main focus being on one woman who’s sentenced to 15 months in prison and following her crazy journey!

2. Stranger Things

Me and Elliott started watching this purely so we could see what all the fuss was about. It’s basically about a boy that goes missing. His 3 best friends go looking for him, along the way they meet one crazy girl who goes by the name 11 (yes the number)! All sorts of weird things happen and did I mention 11 has magic powers? So yes! There’s a lot going on. I would 100% recommend this series it’s so griping!

3. 13 Reasons Why

Well this was a really deep one! If you have watched it you’ll know what I mean. This was another one that me and Elliott started watching because of all the talk about it. It was a really good series and I was very excited to watch season 2 (after the huge wait for it). It’s very cleverly done with lots of twists and unexpected events. It’s about a girl called Hannah who commits suicide, she leaves 13 tapes which are reasons for why she did what she did. It really is a deep series and in some places upsetting. I know this series has had a lot of stick since the second season. I think it was a great series and really did highlight some serious issues.

4. Jack Whitehall; Travels With My Father

OH MY GOSH! This had me in tears. I’m sure most of you will be aware who Jack Whitehall is, he’s a British stand up comedian, he’s also been in a fair few tv shows. However this one was just absolutely brilliant! Jack and his Father decide to have some real father & son time and do some traveling. They are the complete opposite of each other which is why it was so funny! I’m not going to give anything away about this one but please do give it a watch! It’s only about 5/6 episodes long but it will have you in tears. TRUST ME!

5. Manhunt: UNABOMBER 

This is a series I’m actually currently watching. It’s a really interesting series. However you definitely have to watch it properly. I had to re-watch the first 2 episodes because I wasn’t concentrating on them haha. It’s about a man who basically posts bombs to random people, the case still hasn’t been solved after 10+ years or something crazy. They decide to hire a FBI Profiler so look at the case with a different eye. If you like FBI/crime series you’ll probably enjoy this. I’m not going to lie I have been binge watching it so I will have probably finished it by the time this post goes up (sorry not sorry).

And there you have it! You have all got lots of new series to start watching if you haven’t already! I would say don’t binge watch them but I do that with all great series, don’t you? If you have any suggestions on good series that I can take a look at please do let me know. I am always looking for something new!


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