My Skincare Favourites For Problem Skin

My Skincare Favourites For Problem Skin

My skin has always been a problem, ever since I can remember. It has gotten a lot better as I have grown up but it still has its moments for sure.

I have suffered with mild acne since I was about 13. I went to the doctors to get tablets and all sorts, I tried so many different creams that claimed to help tackle the problem. Although some of them did help for a short amount of time, none of them really cleared it up. 

However I had a break through! I found a hand-full of products that have actually worked. Although my skin does still have its moments (so annoying) but it is so much better than it was. One thing I will say is DRINK WATER I can’t stress enough how important this is. I know everyone says it but it’s so important. I have definitely noticed how bad my skin gets if I’m not drinking enough water.

L’oreal – The Fine Flowers Gel-Cream Wash (£3.99)/ Fine Flowers Toner (£5.99)

Now this isn’t the complete range but these are two products I use when my skin is all good and co-operating with me haha. Now I am sure you have all heard that Rose is great for the skin (which is true) and that is one of the main ingredients in these products. I love both of these products! The gel-cream wash is so creamy and really leaves my skin feeling so clean and soft. These aren’t going to tackle breakouts but when my skin is good these are my go to products. 

Neutrogena – Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash (£4.99)

Now this bad boy is the product I’ll use if my skin is being a nightmare!It’s a wash not a scrub so it isn’t going to aggravate your skin.This little face wash is so refreshing on the skin and it smells amazing!! It helps eliminate spotsbut it is still really gentle on the skin unlike some problem skin facial washes. I must have gone through about 3 of these I love it that much. 

L’oreal – Pure Clay Blemish Mask (£7.99)

L’oreal brought out a range of face masks, each one targets a different problem.I believe they have a fairly big range of these. However I got the Blue mask which is the one that targets blemishes. Obviously having had acne and having a few breakouts here and there my skin is left with scars and blemishes.This mask is really good for helping them fadeand become less visible.I usually leave the mask on for about 20 minutes and it really does make my skin feel soft which is a bonus.

Mario Badescu – Special Mask For Oily Skin (£18.50)/ Drying Lotion (£16.00)

Now I know you have all heard of the Mario Badescu range! If not you NEEDto go and check it out. They have a massive (and I mean massive)range of products that target all different skin types and problem areas. I have pretty oily skin so this mask is amazing for controlling my oils and leaving my face feeling refreshed. They have loads of other face masks but this one also targets acne so it was a win win for me.

The drying lotion. Well let me tell you about the drying lotion! This product is unreal!!I know that a lot of people rave about this product and I can see why. It does exactly what it says on the bottle. It literally dries up your spots then bang!They are gone! If I have a breakout, before bed I’ll use a little cotton bud to apply some of this directly onto the spot (it does sting a little bit but I don’t mind if it’s going to get rid of them). You do have to use this a couple of nights in a row for the spots to completely go which I don’t mind. However for the price this little magic bottle is worth getting!  

Hopefully this gave you some help if you are struggling with your skin and haven’t found the right products that work for you!

L’oreal Fine Flowers Toner

L’oreal Fine Flowers Gel-Cream Wash

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash

L’oreal Clay Mask

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Mario Badescu Special Mask for Oily Skin


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