Reaching 1,000 Views On My Blog!

As I have mentioned in a previous post. I was so nervous when it came to putting myself out there with my blog. However I am so glad I did! The reason being on April 15th I hit 1,000 views on my blog.

Yes 1,000! I literally couldn’t believe it.

I never thought that I would get that number of views in just over a month. If you’d like to read more about why I started my blog you can check that out here. I recently thought I would upgrade my theme with one of the Pipdig ones. This was such a great decision if I do say so myself! It makes my blog look so much more clean and easy to navigate. I picked the Blossom theme. I’m pretty sure that it’s one of their most popular themes but it’s really customisable.

I have so many different ideas for blog posts that I would like to do. I am forever jotting them down in my notebooks! If you guys have any ideas for posts that you would like to see me do let me know. I am trying to up my game with my blog. There are already posts planned out and I am going to get back into posting 3 times a week again. As always staying organised is key! It has been a little bit difficult the last few weeks because I haven’t been able to take the pictures. BUT I am back and ready to go!

I really hope those of you that have taken the time to read my blog posts enjoyed them. Even if you only passed through and read one of them! I am so grateful for you just clicking on my blog and having a nose around. As always I am going to continue to post as much as I can and keep pushing myself to make my blog as good as it can be! I have so much more confidence because of the reaction I got from people after visiting my site. For the longest time I didn’t put myself out there because I was scared of what people would say. Now here I am enjoying it more than ever!

Again thank you so much! This was just a little update/thank you rolled into one! I know it was short but I will be back very soon with another post!


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