Hey guys, I am back at you again with another review but this time a drugstore product!

The Revolution x Soph palette!

I think it is fair to say most of us have heard of sophdoesnails right? If not you need to go and check out her YouTube channel for sure! She has done a collab with a brand that I love a lot and have done for years – Revolution! She released an eyeshadow palette and a highlight palette which the beauty world went mad about! Today I am going to share my thoughts on the eyeshadow palette for you all.

FIRST CAN WE JUST TAKE A MOMENT FOR THESE CUTE SHADOW NAMES! I mean seriously the shade “Pug” melts my heart (it makes me think of my little dog dolly haha). The name “Cuppa Tea” that name couldn’t get anymore British right? I love it!

Now in this palette you get 14 matte shades and 10 shimmer shades. Looking at the palette you do get a huge selection of colours so there’s plenty to play with. The shades will suit any skin tone so that is a really big hit as well.

These have to be my favourite colours in the palette! I absolutely love the fact that there is a black in this palette! & not only just a black, a bloody good black FOR ONLY £10!

This palette has done extremely well and is for sure a hit from me. The shadows are so easy to blend and unbelievably pigmented while also being super creamy (both the matte and shimmer shades). If you want to get even better colour pay off from the shimmers top tip is to wet your brush before going into the shadow (just spray it with a bit of setting spray will do).

So many creative looks could be creative with this product and for the price it is soooo worth it! You really can’t go wrong with 24 amazing shades for £10. After trying one of Revolution x Soph products I am so intrigued to try the highlighter palette that I have also heard great things about. Maybe the next review? Let me know!

You can pick up this palette from Superdrug (for the link click the pictures), however it is exclusive to Superdrug so you can only grab it online or in your local store if they have the Revolution stand.

I’ll be back very soon with another post. Thank you for reading! 


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