So were really doing this… here we go

So were really doing this… here we go

Well Hi, Hello there, so here we are! I have FINALLY taken the plunge to do something that I have been speaking about for the longest time. I guess I should probably introduce myself before I start rambling on ay? My name’s Ella, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Wolverhampton. Just to start us off here’s some random facts about me.

  • I have two dogs called Dolly & Lola
  • I am obsessed with make-up
  • Psychology is something I love sooo much… like so much
  • Pizza is my favourite food
  • I have one tattoo
  • Absolutely hate wearing my glasses
  • I watch more Youtube than I do TV these days…although who doesn’t
  • My natural hair colour is very light brown
  • If I’m at home 9/10 I’ll be wrapped up in a blanket
  • Purple is my fave colour along side pink

I must say I am so excited to have finally set up my blog and I hope you guys all enjoy it as much as I do. So I guess you are probably wondering what I am going to be writing about on here? Well it’s going to be a little bit of everything. There will be some lifestyle, beauty and a little bit of fashion because believe me I am really not an expert!

As it says in the name of my blog, this is just my little place! My little place to express myself and write whatever I wanna write and honestly I can’t bloody wait to get started! I was so nervous to even start this journey but I am so glad that I finally have. I’m by no means an expert in this blogging life and I am pretty much just winging it at the moment but 100% enjoying it. I hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it! Anyway i’ll leave it here and thank you for reading, until next time people.


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